Grade three, six test scores up here

Grade three and six Education Quality and Accountability Office test scores increased, in some cases dramatically, here this year as the Rainy River District School Board found out at its regular meeting last night.
“These are outstanding results,” Education Director Warren Hoshizaki had said yesterday before the meeting at Rainy River High School.
“I know the province’s reading and writing scores aren’t up that much but we have definitely improved in those areas,” he added.
For instance, Hoshizaki noted that provincially, 49 percent of grade three students achieved the standard achievement in reading, while 59 percent made the grade here.
Also at the provincial level, 52 percent of grade three students passed the writing portion while here the percentage was 57.
The only area where the district was slightly behind at the grade three level was in math, where the provincial average was 61 percent while it was 58 percent here.
As for local grade six students, they beat the provincial averages across the board. Provincially, 55, 53, and 54 percent of students passed the reading, writing, and math portions of the EQAO assessment, respectively.
Here, 59, 55, and 60 percent of grade six students made the acceptable achievement level.
“I think it’s the result of teachers focusing on the process,” said Hoshizaki. “The credit goes to the classroom teachers who work day-in, day-out to deliver the curriculum.”
Hoshizaki noted this effort is bolstered by support staff—like the literacy and math co-ordinators the board has used in the past two years—and school principals.
“And some of the schools have gotten the parents involved, too,” he remarked. “It shows that with everyone involved, there can be great improvements.
“I think we’re heading in the right direction,” added Hoshizaki. “In my three years here, because of the student involvement with this, I’d say this is our greatest achievement as a board.”
The following results include students who achieved at each level as a percentage who actually took part in the assessment and produced enough work that could be scored.
At the grade three level, 59 percent of the students scored level 3-4 achievement in reading, while 57 percent passed writing and 58 percent passed math.
Last year’s percentages were 45, 63, and 56, respectively.
Meanwhile, 59 percent of grade six students achieved level 3-4 in reading, 55 percent passed writing, and 60 percent passed math.
Last year’s percentages were 47, 39 and 41, respectively.
The 2000-01 EQAO grade three and six assessments were administered over a five-day period in May to more than 285,000 students in both English- and French-language schools.
EQAO is an independent agency of the Ontario government.
In other business at last night’s meeting, the board:
•approved revised policy #4.16: Safe School Policy, and the board’s “Code of Conduct” presented by the Code of Conduct committee (Fort High vice-principal Gord McCabe gave a presentation on the code);
•received presentations of school profiles of McCrossen-Tovell and Riverview Schools, and Rainy River High School—all of which received Recognitions of Excellence;
•approved of the November personnel report, which noted the appointment of Wendy Wreggitt and Paula Golding as educational assistants, a leave of absence for educational assistant Beverly Arpin, and the resignation of education assistant Tiffany Clifford;
•approved a tender for video conferencing equipment in the amount of $29,583.75 (the tender was awarded to ADCOM Video Conferencing);
•received a presentation by Ann Anderson on the early identification program previously announced in May (since staff received training in September, the pilot project is now underway in district elementary schools);
•heard a report by the school closure committee, including a motion to appoint Cam Howard and Sue Fletcher to represent the Sixth Street School community; and
•received all correspondence dating from Sept. 17-Oct. 23.