‘Gourmet-style’ store opens here

Downtown shopping took on the flavour of the kitchen Friday morning with the opening of “Gourmet Outfitters,” the latest business venture by local entrepreneur Connie Cuthbertson of Northwoods Gallery and Gifts.
Located at the northwest corner of Scott Street and Portage Avenue, Gourmet Outfitters features gourmet food products, cookware, glassware, a wide array of kitchen gadgets and accessories.
Cuthbertson decided on the idea for the unique store based on a couple of reasons—the growing popularity of her gourmet product line at Northwoods and the fact that this year there would be no “Northwoods North Pole” store.
“We were going to do the [North Pole] Christmas store again but the feedback we had from last year was that customers were disappointed that Christmas wasn’t at Northwoods,” said Cuthbertson.
“[Northwoods Gallery and Gifts] had become a tradition with young families shopping for Christmas and we didn’t realize that,” she added.
Gourmet Outfitters will start out as temporary during the holiday season and if feedback from her customers is as exciting as she hopes, Cuthbertson will forge ahead and continue the store permanently.
“I was working in the store for half a day on Saturday,” staff member Lori Pochailo said Monday. “Everybody who came in said the same thing—‘It was nice to have a place like this to shop in Fort Frances’,” she recalled.
Meanwhile, Cuthbertson is adding some pizzazz to the holiday season with evening classes on chocolate making, wine tasting, and hors d’ouevres preparation. The first class on wine tasting kicks off tonight at the store and was already sold-out before the store opened last week.
An hors d’ouevres workshop is slated for Nov. 24, with other classes, including another wine-tasting workshop, upcoming in December.