Good turnout for Rainycrest committee

Ten people came out to the Family and Friends Advisory Committee meeting at Rainycrest Home for the Aged last night—the first meeting of the committee since the spring.
Rainycrest administrator Jill Colquhoun said she was pleased with the turnout—particularly the number of new people who attended—and said she hopes to see the group grow to at least 20 or 25 people.
“You’re the voice for all the residents,” she said to the group assembled in the Rainycrest boardroom last night. “We need family members to speak out and say what they want for services.”
Colquhoun said the meetings give family and friends of residents an opportunity to voice concerns as well as ideas about general procedure at the home, and giver her the opportunity to act upon them.
The Family and Friends Advisory Committee has been in existence at Rainycrest for more than a year, but interest has been inconsistent. Six people came out to the last meeting back in the spring.
Colquhoun noted the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care recently said all homes across the province must establish similar committees, putting Rainycrest ahead of many homes in the province.
On the agenda of last night’s meeting were new funding from the ministry and the accompanying changes in standards of care, Rainycrest Auxiliary events, ministry compliance, and the future direction of the home.
Colquhoun directed the meeting in the absence of chair Donna Dittaro and vice-chair Anne Anderson.
She explained some of the revisions the ministry has made to standards in long-term care facilities, and how the new funding would be used to put those changes into practice.
For example, all residents will be given the option of taking two baths a week instead of one. Also, all menus will be reviewed and approved by a dietitian.
Colquhoun noted there have been many changes at the home over the last year, and that many more would be coming in the next few months—putting added pressure on the home’s staff.
“It’s a lot to take in, but the staff are doing an excellent job,” Colquhoun noted.
The committee’s next meeting tentatively is scheduled for Jan. 17 at 7 p.m.