Goldamer claims Kid-Pro tourney

They didn’t think they would win. They didn’t expect to win.
So when Jason Goldamer’s name was called by emcee Paul Morrison as the winner of the annual Kid-Pro fishing tournament here Sunday afternoon, it only added to a day that already was spilling over with satisfaction.
“We just went out and wanted to have a good time, and Jason was a super fisherman and had lots of experience,” said Kirk Boyer, who was Goldamer’s partner.
Goldamer, 10, captured the Kid-Pro title with a three-fish total of 11.44 pounds—1.11 pounds heavier than runner-up Garnet Paxson.
Third-place in the 40-team field went to Tanner Bell, who also had the big fish of the tournament (5.19 pounds).
The tournament featured a catch-and-release format in which the anglers took pictures of the fish with their Kid-Pro partner and also recorded the length of their catches.
“I’m really excited,” said Goldamer. “A couple of years ago, somebody told me that they [the Boyer brothers] were pretty good fishermen, so I was really excited.”
As he should have been. The Boyers placed fifth in last year’s Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship, which was the first time they’d ever been partners in a tournament.
And though only Kirk Boyer was able to go out with Goldamer (Gene Boyer used their second boat to check out some other spots for the FFCBC, which gets underway this Thursday morning), the duo still had fun despite the high winds and hot sun.
“The ride was tough, but me and Jason kind of enjoyed it because it was so hot and we would get sprayed so it would cool you off,” said Boyer, who hails from Lino Lakes, Mn.
“So we were riding like cowboys through the waves, hooting and hollering and having a great time,” he added.
This was the eighth year the Kid-Pro has been part of the FFCBC and it has become an event that’s anticipated not only by the kids, but the anglers, too.
“Just the reaction of the kids is worth it,” said Doug Wright, who along with his partner, Guy Johnston, took out Jordan Larson and placed sixth with a 9.77-pound haul.
“Like when he saw that first fish. I caught it and it was a two-pounder and just his reaction on his face was like, ‘Oh my God, look at it.’”
“The kids love it and it puts a big smile on their faces,” said Andrew Rogozinski, who along with his dad, Gary, and Kid-Pro partner, Gabe McMahon, came in 37th with a 1.22-pound day.
“It gets the kids involved because once they get old enough, they are the ones that are going to be fishing this [FFCBC] tournament,” noted Andrew Perrault, who along with his dad, Chas, and Kid-Pro partner, Tanner Van Drunen, finished 14th with a 7.94-pound haul.
Adding to the event was Morrison, who is emceeing his first FFCBC later this week. He also provided his services for the Kid-Pro, which he believes is one of the most important parts of the main tournament.
“I think this is the future of the sport and if these kids get hooked on fishing through this, then it’s good for the sport and great for the [FFCBC], he remarked.
“A lot of these kids don’t get a chance to go out so when you get a chance to fish with guys like this, then these kids are going to catch some fish,” noted James Lindner, who is gunning for his third-straight FFCBC title.
Meanwhile, Boyer is hoping his luck during Sunday’s Kid-Pro extends to the FFCBC.
“I’m hoping we didn’t use up all of our luck,” said Boyer. “But I think Jason is the one that brought the luck and he’s the reason why we won.”
Goldamer just chuckled at that statement.