Girls’ retreat staying strong


The “I Am Awesome! (And I Know It!)” self-esteem and empowerment retreat for young women aged 10-14 has moved up in the rankings as it vies for a share of the Aviva Community Fund.
While struggling to hold onto 10th place last week, the retreat now is sitting in fourth—with voting ending tomorrow at 11 a.m.
The local project needs to finish in the top 10 in order to become a finalist and receive any funding.
“Today is a big day in the competition,” said retreat organizer Renée Martin-Brown.
“All of the ideas will be making a big push for the top 10.
“We are not safe yet,” she stressed, noting the submission is fifth spot is “hot on their tail.”
The retreat has more than 2,100 supporters so Martin-Brown is hoping all of them will vote right to the end.
“If we could find every single person who voted once and have them vote again, we could end this semi-final round in first place,” she remarked.
She also said it’s not too late for new supporters to join the cause.
Martin-Brown said earning money from the Aviva Community Fund would help the retreat to bring in qualified educators, as well as making it more affordable in order to open up more opportunities for girls in the district to participate.
Vote for the retreat at