Gas prices start to fall locally

FORT FRANCES—Gas prices began to drop in Fort Frances on Thursday, but Northwestern Ontario continues to be paying higher prices than elsewhere in the province and across the country.
At Mohawk here, the price already has dropped three cents a litre to 114.4 from 117.4 earlier Thursday.
Tina Selman, who owns the gas station along with her husband, Pat, noted that price might drop again, depending on what other gas station here do.
As of press time Thursday, the advertised price of gas cost 116.9 cents/litre at Rainy Lake Sports and Tackle and 119.9 at Canada Safeway.
Rainy Lake Sports and Tackle owner Mark Fontana said Thursday morning his gas price actually was lowered slightly from earlier this week, and that he expects it to drop further in the near future—possibly even later in the day.
“It’s going to go down again, in the next day I would imagine,” he remarked.
Fontana noted being a gas station owner is Northwestern Ontario is a factor in the prices being higher here than elsewhere.
“We get our decreases a month after everybody else. But when the increases come, they tend to hit us right away,” he remarked.
Indeed, showed the highest regular gas prices in the past 24 hours all were recorded in Northwestern Ontario.
For instance, the Esso station in Sioux Lookout reported a price of 117.9 cents/litre as of 9:43 a.m. on Thursday while the Esso in Dryden was selling gas at 116.9 cents/litre.
As of Thursday morning, gas prices in Thunder Bay ranged between 112-120 cents/litre.
Meanwhile, gas prices in Kenora seemed to be equalized at 111.9 cents/litre at four of its stations.
The lowest gas price recorded on that website as of press time Thursday was 82.9 cents/litre in Keswick, Ont., with 83.3 cents/litre at a gas station in Gananoque being the second-lowest.
On average, the lowest prices in the country appear to be in the Golden Horsehoe, where they average between 80-90 cents/litre, according to national gas price website
But one report from the Hamilton/Niagara region saw one place charging just 62.5 cents/litre.
A sampling of gas prices elsewhere in Canada (taken from on Thursday morning) range from an average of a dollar a litre in Winnipeg and 102 cents in Vancouver to between 99-93 cents in Montreal and around a dollar in Edmonton.
Canada Safeway manager Dave McBride said Thursday morning that he couldn’t comment on gas pricing.
(Fort Frances Daily Bulletin)