Garden contest in the works

The local Communities in Bloom was first discussed by the Fort Frances Horticultural Society two years ago.
The town had to request to join Communities in Bloom, which was done in 2004. Later that year, judges came to assess the status of our town.
The committee awarded the unprepared town the status of three blooms, which is good for an unprepared town.
The original idea was to secure publicity for all the groups that have worked so hard to beautify our town and for the town itself. Communities in Bloom has a network that publicizes its entrants.
Provincially, it also is moving ahead with plans for tours of CIB communities.
Ours is a very small committee trying to make Fort Frances an even more beautiful place. Unfortunately, there are many judging areas to cover and we only can hope to make small improvements in each.
Communities are rated in these areas: tidiness effort, environmental awareness, community involvement, natural and architectural preservation, urban forestry, landscaped areas, floral displays, and turf and ground cover areas.
Ideally, we would have a committee to work on each area. The need is to record what groups are doing in each area and see that all efforts are publicized.
We have been selling memberships, but have a great need for volunteers willing to assist us.
We are now sponsoring a garden contest to encourage everyone to add a little colour and beauty to the town.
Entrants can choose from many categories, including front yards, side or back yards, rock gardens, balconies, container gardens, vegetable gardens, patio gardens, water gardens, most improved, and block prize.
This should help us in the area of community involvement and increase the visual appeal of our town.
Fort Frances has a multitude of beautiful gardens, as well as citizens who work daily to maintain a tidy yard and gorgeous flowers.
We are asking everyone to enter our contest. You may not win, but you will delight many people by your efforts.
Our slogan, “Awesome Blossoms,” seemed to the committee to state exactly what typifies Fort Frances.
Entry forms for the contest are available at the Fort Frances Public Library, the Civic Centre, and Rainy River Future Development Corp. office.
If you would like an entry form or have any questions, do not hesitate to give Helen Crook a call at 274-5431.
Come out and support your local Communities in Bloom initiative.