Garbage, recycling schedules going out

Duane Hicks

The Town of Fort Frances once again is trying to make it as easy as possible for local residents to keep track of their “blue box” and garbage pick-up for the next two years.
Starting this week, the town will have the 2011-12 refuse collection schedules delivered to every home in town.
The schedules will be distributed by the Fort Frances Canadians Midget ‘AA’ hockey team over the next two weeks.
The two-sided refuse collection schedules note all of the pick-up dates for 2011 on one side, and for 2012 on the other.
All residents also will be receiving a recycling brochure outlining what is acceptable to put in your “blue box” as well as tips like where you can recycle plastic bags and turn in tires, and relevant dates, like the annual Household Hazardous Waste Day.
As well, they will get a magnet with a recycling logo on it—perfect for sticking your refuse collection schedule and brochure to your refrigerator so you never misplace them.
Residents are asked to watch for the schedules in their mailboxes.
If you have not received a schedule by the first week of January, contact the Civic Centre (274-5323) or Public Works (274-9893), or pick one up at the Civic Centre or Public Works building.
Environmental and facilities superintendent Doug Herr said Monday that the schedule, brochure, and magnet are part of the town’s continued commitment to promoting recycling in Fort Frances.
The initiative costs around $3,000.
The magnets ($960 plus taxes) and recycling brochures ($497 plus taxes) have been paid for through a grant from Waste Diversion Ontario, with the town paying for the refuse collection schedule printing ($499 plus taxes) and delivery ($994).
The town has received a total of $5,000 over three years to spend on “blue box” promotion and education.
Information on refuse collection also can be found online at