Gallery relocates to Scott Street


The Fine Line Art Gallery has returned to the 300 block of Scott Street.

After first opening its doors at 306 Scott Street, in the fall of 1995, the Fine Line Art Gallery then relocated to 529 Mowat Ave. in 2000. As of yesterday, the gallery has moved into 326 Scott St., next to the Lighthouse.

Jean Richards, who has been the only original member of the Fine Line co-op to stay with the gallery all of these years, said the main reason for moving from Mowat Avenue is the building they were located in was recently bought and the new owner had “other plans” as to what they wanted to do with the building.

But Richards said the move, while a lot of work for the co-op members, has had its benefits.

First off, the new location will be more visible and likely lead to more walk-in traffic.

“Everybody used to say to us, ‘You should be on Scott Street,'” noted Richards, adding that back in the ’90s, the 300 block of Scott Street was not as busy as it is now.

Secondly, the move gives the gallery members a chance to change which artwork is on display at the walls of the new location, and use the opportunity to put out some fresh pieces.

“There’s a lot of new items. I’ve got new paintings, Sheila (Shaw) is going to have new glasswork,” said Richards.

“Laurel Perry just joined the gallery so we’ll have new paintings,” she added.

The gallery, which has everything from paintings and photographs to pottery and stained glass, was open for business yesterday at its new digs. It will have its grand opening at a later date.

The Fine Line Gallery first opened in 1995 sporting a co-op including Richards, Vi Plumridge, Ann Evans, Pam Brandrick, Dorothy Black, Terril Pentney, Bob Jeffrey, Linda Lovisa, Mildred Ouellette, and Margot Kerber.

But aside from Richards, all of these original members have either moved or passed away over the years.

Fine Line Art Gallery co-op currently has a line-up of 12 members, including Richards, Shaw, Perry, Emily Hyatt, Penny Faragher, Lois Faragher, Evelyn Barker, Pat Farrell, John Walraad, Solly Santiago, Bob McDonald, and Ed Halvorsen.

The Fine Line Art Gallery is always looking for new members, stressed Richards.

If you’re an artist, for the cost of a monthly fee, you can have a place to exhibit and sell your original artwork.

For any more info on how to be a member, just drop by the gallery or call 274-2242.