Fund helps protect species-at-risk

Press Release

Ontarians once again can get support from the Species-at-Risk Stewardship Fund for voluntary projects that protect and recover species-at-risk and their habitat.
Applications are now being accepted from individuals and groups for the fourth year of the fund.
The deadline is Nov. 16.
Over the last three years, stewardship projects supported by the Ontario government have made a significant difference for species-at-risk.
More than 300 community projects province-wide have helped protect some 200 different species.
Projects completed in the first two years restored 425 hectares of vital habitat for these vulnerable plants and animals—an area the size of about 600 soccer fields.
During this time, the fund also generated short-term job opportunities for almost 600 Ontarians.
In addition, 3,200 volunteers contributed an estimated 33,000 hours to different projects.
Projects include protecting nesting sites for at-risk birds, improving habitat for turtles and snakes, cleaning up river wetlands, and monitoring and tracking species-at-risk to get a better understanding of their habitat requirements.
The Species-at-Risk Stewardship Fund is providing $18 million to eligible projects over four years (2007-11).
It is available to individuals and groups, including landowners and farmers, aboriginal communities, academic institutions, industries, municipalities, conservation organizations, and stewardship councils for eligible protection and recovery activities.
Ontario is home to more than 30,000 species, of which some 180 currently are identified as being at-risk.