Full-time SK to start here in September

Senior kindergarten students in local public schools will begin a full-day, every day program starting in September.
“Kindergarten marks the beginning of a very important journey,” Linda Hill, assistant superintendent of education for the Rainy River District School Board, noted at Tuesday night’s regular monthly meeting here.
“We strongly believe this is a step in the right direction for the board, and we know that expanding the current program will be a truly beneficial experience for both children and their families,” she added.
The goal of the full-time program is to ease the transition into Grade 1, as well as to improve student success.
“Research indicates that there are a wide range of long-lasting positive benefits to students in full-day kindergarten programs,” the public board noted in a press release.
“These benefits range from personnel and social growth to academic success.”
The board also said parents generally were in favour of the change.
“Parents feel their children receive less ‘hectic’ instruction in full-day programs and that instruction is geared more carefully to individual student needs,” it said.
Door-to-door transportation will continue to be provided for all eligible senior kindergarten students.
Also at Tuesday night’s meeting, the board reviewed its facility projects to be completed this summer. Robert Moore School here will be outfitted with a kitchen and a high-tech classroom, and will have carpeting replaced with tile in six rooms.
Air conditioning will be installed in the science labs at Fort France High School and the large gym floor will be refinished.
F.H. Huffman School here will be outfitted with increased lighting in the washrooms while the exterior of Nestor Falls School will be completely renovated.
Also at Tuesday night’s regular meeting, the public board:
•approved the 2005-06 bus operators contract;
•passed a resolution to approve Bylaw #157 to issue 2005 education taxes within the board’s jurisdiction in the unorganized areas as indicated in Section 257.7 of the Education Act; and
•passed a resolution to approve the use of the $1,072,658 allocation for Good Places to Learn for the purpose intended.
Board members also extended congratulations to Superintendent of Education Terry Ellwood, who will begin a new job as education director of the Superior-Greenstone District School Board in September.
“Thank you for your work within the Rainy River District and your support for all staff,” Education Director Warren Hoshizaki told Ellwood at last night’s meeting.
“You’ve done just about every single role I could give you,” Hoshizaki added. “You’ve been an outstanding supervisory officer for the Rainy River District School Board.”
The board’s next regular meeting will be held Sept. 6.