Full-day learning overdue: Horwath

Press Release

Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath is pleased the government finally is moving forward with a plan for full-day learning, but says families shouldn’t have been forced to wait six years for action.
“Parents are facing real challenges and have been waiting a very long time for the help they were promised,” noted Horwath.
First promised by the McGuinty Liberals in 2003, the government revealed yesterday that their full-day learning program won’t be fully implemented until 2015.
McGuinty’s delays mean a child born today may never benefit from the full-day learning program.
“If Dalton McGuinty had the foresight to move ahead with full-day learning when times were good, Ontario families wouldn’t be left waiting longer today,” Horwath charged.
“Now the cupboard is bare, and many Ontario families are being told they’ll be waiting another five years until their children can benefit from this long-overdue initiative.”
The Liberal government finally is revealing their true priorities as the fiscal crisis deepens, added Horwath.
“Corporations and consultants get paid today while Ontario families are told to wait longer for the overdue programs they were promised,” she argued.