Front Street keeps its name

After an interesting public session was held to determine whether Front Street should be renamed, it will keep its name instead.
During Tuesday night’s council meeting, three residents stepped forward to question the need to rename Front Street as La Verendrye Parkway.
“I’m all for this, it’s a great idea, I just think we’re being a little premature here,” argued Front Street resident Gord Winik. “The 2003 date sounds to be more fitting.”
“Calling a street a parkway when it’s a truck route sort of does not seem fitting, and the quality of the street is very poor,” he added. “I think we should get our act together, just clear it up, fix it up, and then we’ll have something to cut a ribbon for.”
Council considered two resolutions last night–one to rename the road on Fort Frances’ centennial (April 11, 2003) and another to keep the road names as they are and name the area La Verendrye Parkway.
“It’s in a truck route, you’re going to name it a parkway, I don’t know very many cities where you have a truck route leading to a park,” said one Fort Frances resident.
The name La Verendrye Parkway was chosen in 1990 in a contest held to rename the new boat launch (Sorting Gap Marina) and the waterfront as part of the area’s re-development.
The new name was never put into place and council recently decided put it back on the agenda to add historical significance to the route.
“The purpose of this is to try to bring some historical value to the waterfront,” noted Coun. Sharon Tibbs. “I think we are getting caught up on the word ‘parkway’ because I mean we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway . . . so I hope we don’t get hung up on it.”
Following the public session, council voted in favour of the option naming the area “La Verendrye Parkway.”
“That finishes our public meeting, thank you for your input. Nothing will happen,” said Mayor Glenn Witherspoon.
Council did approve changing the name of Front Street, running from Church Street to First Street East, to Central Avenue.