Frog Island Photography

By Daniel Adam
Staff Writer

Devon Stearns is a hobbyist photographer with mosaic Down syndrome. Now, some of her work is going to be featured on greeting cards.

“It’s like a dream come true,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to share something with the world.”

Stearns says her greeting card photos will be of sunsets, scenery, animals, and more. She says that scrolling through Pinterest sparked the idea for her to dos something like this.

“I thought it would be great for people to write in occasionally,” says Stearns.

The cards aren’t for sale yet, but she says they will be in the near future.

Stearns, 34, has been taking pictures since she was 12. When she started out, her photos were of animals, then progressed to landscapes and macro photography (closeups).

“I developed a passion for it,” she says. “It’s one of the things that kept me going because I enjoy my surroundings.”

Stearns, who shoots on a Nikon Z 50, says nature and her parents inspire her.

Some goals of hers are to shoot the Milky Way, and a hummingbird.

For the Milky Way shot, Stearns says it’s all about preparation — she must use a long exposure to properly capture the galaxy line in the sky.

She has also set up a hummingbird feeder in hopes of obtaining her other goal soon. To properly shoot the bird, Stearns will need a high shutter speed — meaning the image looks still, or in other words, blur from the fast-flapping wings is minimal.

For now, Stearns says she wants to keep shooting nature photos, but that later on, she may want to try to progress by doing personal portraits or pets.

To view more of Stearns’s work, and to keep up with her progress, visit Frog Island Photography on Facebook.