Four more gates opened yesterday

Four more gates in the Rainy Lake dam were opened yesterday—two in the early afternoon and the other two in the late afternoon, the International Rainy Lake Board of Control announced.
The two gates already had been opened earlier Thursday.
The IRLBC authorized the opening of the four other gates in the afternoon collecting and assessing data regarding conditions on Rainy Lake and the Rainy River, further consultations with other agencies, and reports on the status of the dike constructed to protect the Town of Rainy River.
Just two of the 15 gates at the dam remain closed. The IRLBC was to review conditions again today.
The level of Rainy Lake is now at 338.10 m (1,109.25 ft.) and is expected to rise above the peak level reached in 2001 in the next day or two.
Flows in some of the main tributaries to Rainy Lake have not yet reached their peak.
The IRLBC recommends property owners and users of the system continue to keep themselves updated on basin conditions for at least the next few weeks.
Up-to-date information can be found on Boise’s Web site (, on the Lake of the Woods Control Board site (, and on the St. Paul District Corps of Engineers Web site (
People also can call the board’s engineering advisors—Rick Walden (1-819-997-2529) or Ed Eaton (1-651-290-5617).