Fort High registration begins tomorrow

Fort High students will mark the coming end of summer this week by heading back to school for registration.
Grade 11 to OAC students can stop by the atrium area Tuesday between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to pick up their timetables and pay registration fees for the upcoming school year.
Grade 10 students can register Wednesday, with Grade 9 students asked to come Thursday.
Classes resume Wednesday, Sept. 4 at 8: 45 a.m.
Fort High principal Ian Simpson said students should come prepared to pay their registration fee—$30 for a returning student or $60 for new students, which includes a textbook caution fee.
New students, or those who did not complete their course selection sheet last spring, are asked to meet with the vice-principals at the main office to work out their timetables.
“Registration went pretty smoothly last year and we are expecting the same again this year,” Simpson said.
Perhaps the biggest reason he is confident about the process this year is that many of the scheduling headaches already have been worked out.
“In the past couple of years, the government has changed the regulations and changed them after school was out so that we couldn’t issue timetables before the summer,” he explained.
“This year, the Ministry of Education didn’t change the regulations and most of the kids have their timetables sorted out and conflicts resolved already.”
In related news, Fort High students are reminded to be prepared for school photos, which will be taken Thursday, Sept. 5.
“Every student needs to have their photos taken even if they do not want to purchase the package because we have to issue them ID cards,” Simpson noted.
ID cards allow students to access Internet and library privileges, as well as the electronic textbook inventory system the school hopes to have running later this year.