Former resident pens his memoir

Press Release

Gord Mackintosh was not your typical politician and “Stories Best Left Untold: Tales from a Manitoba legislator,” is not your typical political memoir.
Mackintosh steps out of his familiar role as the Manitoba NDP’s go-to guy, foot soldier, and law reformer to provide a unique take on the quirky places and people behind his long and varied career.
From secret passages, archaisms, and funny business at Manitoba’s legislature, to door-knocking surprises, crime fighting, and “saving Mother Earth,” Mackintosh weaves warm-hearted anecdotes of his many years in public life.
Hooey, hijinks, and embarrassment that humanize our political system are interspersed with major political events of the last 30 years, for which he had suspiciously differing roles.
Whether Manitoba’s French language crisis, the Meech Lake crisis, the MTS debate, the Flood of the Century, the auto theft capital of North America, or the internal rebellion against Premier Greg Selinger, he still urges, “It wasn’t me.”
Mackintosh is recognized as one of Canada’s most prolific provincial politicians and one of the longest-sitting Attorneys General.
Serving 23 years as an MLA and 17 as a minister, Mackintosh helped to drive nation-leading public safety initiatives and provincial reforms for family services and conservation.
From his small-town upbringing in Fort Frances, Ont. by a mother weakened by TB to lessons at North America’s toughest school, in a rock band, and in Winnipeg’s North End, Mackintosh became counsel to Elijah Harper for the Meech Lake crisis and helped fight Saskatchewan’s Alameda dam.
He later was elected six times as a New Democrat to Manitoba’s legislature.
Mackintosh now provides consulting services and teaches Canadian law in the political science department at the University of Winnipeg.