Food box ordering times changed


Those who participate in the “Healthy Living” food box program are being asked to take note of the change in times each month when food boxes can be ordered.
“People can either order for the following month when they pick up their food boxes on the third Wednesday of the month, or they can order on the first Wednesday of the month between 11 [a.m.] and 4:30 [p.m.],” explained Becky Holden of the Northwestern Health Unit, one of the local organizations involved with running the program.
This is a change from the previous time, which went from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. on the Wednesday, noted Holden.
The change was made because they found it wasn’t busy enough throughout the day.
Meanwhile, the program always is looking for volunteers, added Holden.
“We’re always looking for people both in the morning and the afternoon, or for the whole day,” she remarked.
“In the morning, we usually have 20-30 [volunteers]. But in the afternoon, we can always use some additional help to help carry boxes out and that kind of stuff.”
Those interested in volunteering can contact Holden at the Northwestern Health Unit (274-9827) or Anne Marie Armstrong with the Sunset Country Métis (274-1386).
“Or they can just show up,” she added.
“They don’t have to let us know ahead of time, we’ll find a spot for them.”
Holden said the purpose of the “Healthy Living” food box program is to provide fresh, affordable fruits and vegetables to any household.
“There’s no restriction to using the program,” she stressed. “We welcome everyone to access it and then we access local produce as often as possible.”
The boxes contain enough fruits and vegetables, and often rolls or bread, to feed a family of four—a value of at least $40 in each box for a cost of only $20.