‘Fly-in’ BBQ slated Sept. 9 Organizer hoping for good weather

Having organized the “Fly-in Drive-in BBQ” at the Fort Frances Airport for seven years now, Bruce Caldwell is well aware that the success of the event all depends on one major factor.
“I just wish for good weather,” he said Monday, noting the date for this year’s event is Saturday, Sept. 9.
As in past years, the event will feature pilots from this area, as well as ones flying in from Thunder Bay, Steinbach, and Winnipeg for the day, along with antique cars, motorcycles, and radio-controlled planes for people to see.
“We’ve got e-mails and posters sent all around the country,” noted Caldwell. “Hopefully, if it’s nice weather, we’ll get some people in.
“As far as any extra airplanes, we don’t know yet. We’ve got some requests in, but we won’t know until that day,” he added.
Last year, MNR and OPP planes were featured at the event, which attracted about 200 people to the airport.
Caldwell said everyone is welcome to bring their cars, motorcycles, and radio-controlled airplanes to the fly-in barbecue (for those who need encouragement to show off their models, a People’s Choice plaque will be awarded for one entry in each of those categories).
The event also will feature a pancake breakfast, which will run from 9-11 a.m., followed by a barbecue from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
“The local air cadets will once again the supply the food. And one thing they’re adding this year is they’ll be holding a garage sale that same Saturday morning at the airport,” noted Caldwell, adding all the proceeds will go to the air cadets.
There will be a small fee for the food, said Caldwell, noting the cost last year was around $3 for each meal. Visiting pilots will get their meals for free.
Caldwell stressed the event, which he’s enjoyed organizing since its inception, is designed to showcase the local airport by having private pilots fly in here for the day.
He added some of the pilots stay here for the weekend—spending money at local restaurants, stores, and motels.
The rain date for the “Fly-in Drive-in BBQ” is the Sunday (Sept. 10).
For more info, call Caldwell at 274-3070.