Flowers and engravings: A new look is on the way for Fort Floral

Natali Trivuncic
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

After 42 years of business, Brad Hogan passed the keys to Fort Floral to Mona Beckmann, chief operating officer of Things Engraved, the stores new owner.

Fort Floral will remain a flower shop but will also include a Things Engraved.

Most people are familiar with Things Engraved where you can get pretty much anything personalized from coffee mugs, photo albums to necklaces and key chains.

Many will remember Fort Floral for its community involvement from holding a contest to name the Mountie mannequin outside the shop, or Good Neighbour Day, where bouquets of roses were handed out, or Lexi, the mannequin from Arizona, who famously swung her arms in a circular motion.

Hogan officially retired on Jan. 17 2021, but this will not really be the end for Fort Floral but rather a new beginning.

Brittany Jones, national training merchandising director for Things Engraved, said the store will be getting a facelift but will still be the same store people have known and loved for over two decades.

“You’ll be able to get your flowers and personalization in one slot,” Jones said.

Jones said they want to pay more homage to the town and have decided to rename the store Fort Frances Floral.

Big things are planned for the store which is set to go under renovation soon to make room for both the engravings and the flowers.

Jones said they are hoping to start within the next couple of weeks but due to COVID and lockdown protocols, things have had to be pushed back. She adds that due to these setbacks, there is no clear timeline of when the store will be ready.