Flint House food truck rolling into town soon

Final health inspection to be complete in coming days

The Flint House waterfront food truck is one step closer to opening day.

The Planning and Development Executive Committee agreed to have the Flint House place a food truck, subject to administration and health review.

The committee will prepare a lease agreement for a temporary use proposal submitted by the Flint House detailing liability mitigations, operation parameters and regulation compliance.

Patrick Briere, bylaw enforcement, said he contacted the health inspectors and placing the food truck should be underway.

“They’re going to try to get to the truck today or tomorrow to do their final inspection on it,” Briere said. “And once that’s complete and I receive the okay from the health unit, the license will be signed off and approved, and they will be able to operate as just a food truck.”

However, the committee will hold off authorization for the patio portion of their request. In order for the Flint House to acquire a liquor license, they have to have patio space and present the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) with a letter of support from the Town of Fort Frances.

This decision came forward when the discussion on whether going ahead with food a truck patio liquor license is contingent on whether the town provides liquor license to the business renting out the Sorting Gap Marina.

Doug Brown, chief administrative officer, said they will wait until the request for proposals to rent out the Sorting Gap Marina closes on April 13.

Brown said they have to wait and see if the business running the Marina also wants to set up a liquor license as the goal for the business renting the Marina is to be successful.

“I don’t know if both [businesses] would make a go of it by [having] a liquor license at the marina and a liquor license across the street,” Brown said. “I think the goal is to address the Marina first before we start going out to other businesses. I think all of us want as much varieties, but we’re breaking new ground here.”

Councillors Wendy Brunetta and Douglas Judson agreed with Brown’s proposal to hold off liquor authorization until the marina RFP closes.

On the flip side, Fort Frances Mayor June Caul said she does not agree with the liquor license part regardless of who they will give it to.

“It’s interesting to me how no matter what we do in life we always have to have liquor involved,” Caul said. When people are coming in on boats, maybe going back up the lake in their boats after they had a few drinks is why I don’t feel comfortable with it. That’s just my own personal feeling on the way things are socially in this life right now.”

Since obtaining a license from the ACGO is a long process, members voted to give the Flint House the letter of support so they can have the process underway in case the town provides permission to sell liquor.