FITS queen pageant needs contestants

The annual Fun in the Sun queen competition is in jeopardy this year because of a lack of candidates, with organizers calling for more girls to step forward before Sunday’s deadline to enter.
Only one contestant has committed to the pageant so far, and organizers will be forced to cancel it if there isn’t more interest.
“We actually had everything lined up,” said pageant co-ordinator Sherri Puddicombe, noting five girls originally had expressed an interest, but four had to drop out for various reasons.
“Some personal circumstances came up,” said Puddicombe. “One of the girls won a trip, and would be leaving before the crowning. It was those kinds of timing conflicts.”^Last year, there was both a king and queen competition, with 10 girls competing and nine guys.
Last year’s king and queen, Tyson Dennis and Sarah Noonan, each received a scholarship of between $3,000-$4,000, which came from sponsorship and the contestants’ button sales.
No FITS king competition is planned this year.
The competition judges the girls on their participation in community events, as well as attitude and appearance, but this year’s pageant will have a few changes.
“Previously, we’ve had events [for contestants] through the month of June, with the crowning on July 1,” said Puddicombe. “But it was really stressful on the girls and time-consuming.”^This year, all the pageant events will take place between June 26- 29, beginning with Mall Days and ending with entertainment night and the crowning on the 29th.
The new FITS queen then will take part in the Canada Day parade July 1.
One of the new challenges for the queen contestants this year will be to go to garage sales and find the best bargain they can, spending no more than $20.
The items they purchase then will be placed in a silent auction, and the public decides whether or not the items were a good buy.
Contestants also will have a personal interview with the judges, and will be judged on their attitude, knowledge, sincerity, and appearance.
The pageant is open to those aged 15-19, and anyone interested in participating should contact Sherri Puddicombe (274-6617) or Cheryl McCallum (274-0441) by Sunday.