FITS gearing up for crowning

The Mr. Fun in the Sun contest is a go for its third year after all when Steve Fry, Dino Morelli, Steve Niskala, and Kevin Sieders stepped forward by Monday’s deadline.
Another five contestants are vying for this year’s Miss Fun in the Sun crown, including Amanda Cherry (Gagne’s Pharmacy), Raelle Ducharme (Canadian Tire), Adia Huss-Solomon (M&S Bootery), Amy Van Drunen (McDonald’s), and Angela Webb (Fort Frances Dental Centre).
While they admit “having fun” is high on their list as to why they decided to enter, getting involved in the community took precedence.
“I wanted to meet more people in the community,” explained Huss-Solomon.
“And also for the experience of getting up in front of people,” added Cherry.
Webb agreed, noting she was a bit shy when it came to public speaking.
“I thought it would be a good experience,” echoed Ducharme, noting she and Webb decided to enter together.
The four Mr. FITS contestants said they entered this year’s pageant to help keep it from fizzling out. With no one signed up last week, organizers had feared the fledgling event would die out.
“They needed another person,” said Morelli, who is sponsored by Pinewood Sports and Marine. “I always wanted to enter, I just didn’t want to do it this young.”
But Sieders admitted the $1,200 top prize also was appealing, with the runner-up to receive $600.
The work begins for the Miss FITS contestants next Wednesday as they work the Fun in the Sun bingo to raise money for the annual event, with the boys working a bingo two weeks later.
And they’ll all be hitting the pavement soon in an effort to sell 250 buttons each in order to cover the entry fee.
A full slate of activities continues through to the July 1 crownings.
“It’ll be cool going on the radio and I want to meet that Paul Bradley guy,” Morelli said, referring to the local CFOB morning host, adding it would be neat to see what Bradley looks like.
But he’s most hesitant about facing the dunk tank, joking he’d have to pump up before climbing in.
“I’ve always wanted to go in one,” grinned Fry, noting it was the entertainment night that made him the most nervous.
“Getting judged on anything” is what Niskala (Causeway Pontiac) is looking forward to least but added he’s looking forward to socializing with everyone.
“Talent night. [I’m] way too nervous about it,” Sieders laughed.
“Entertainment Night” is the activity contestants are talking about the most.
“I’m really looking forward to that. I love singing,” enthused Huss-Solomon.
“I’m looking forward to singing, and to seeing everyone else’s talent,” echoed Van Drunen.
“The entertainment night I’m excited about,” agreed Ducharme.
Webb said it’s the activity she’s looking forward to the most but also the one she’s most nervous about.
“It’ll be fun to work on my [Canada Day] float,” Cherry added.
But what are they not looking forward to?
“No sleep because I’m going to be so busy,” laughed Ducharme.