Fireworks promise to deliver bang

While the government dock at Pither’s Point may under water, it’s of no concern to Charlie Turgeon, who once again is heading up the fireworks display for this year’s Canada Day celebrations.
“As we did last year, we’ll be launching them from an area near the Hallett,” said Turgeon, former deputy chief of the Fort Frances Fire Department.
“It creates a better viewing area. At this point, things are looking good,” he added.
Turgeon noted the show “definitely” is as good as last year’s, and that there shouldn’t be any problems with the electronic sequencing, which caused a few problems two years ago.
“We’ll be starting set-up on Saturday,” he said, adding the 150’x200’ area will be restricted Monday, as he and his crew will spend some 30 hours preparing for the big moment at dusk (around 10 p.m.)
And while he’s confident—weather permitting—the fireworks will be a hit, Turgeon said he has a concern those who will be watching the display from boats due to the high water levels and currents.
The best view on the Canadian side of the border should be from the Sorting Gap Marina to the overpass.
The fireworks went off from the Seven Oaks area last year as high water levels made launching from the government dock too risky.