Fireworks display a go for Canada Day

By Tyler Moffitt
Town of Fort Frances Chief Fire Official

I would like to thank all residents and visitors to the Town of Fort Frances for adhering to the Restricted Fire Zone (RFZ), which took effect on June 1, 2023. Well done!

The RESTRICTED FIRE ZONE (FIRE BAN) is still in effect in the Town of Fort Frances and applies to all open-air fires including all fire pits, cook stoves, and campfires that use solid fuels such as wood or charcoal. In general, municipal fire bans are typically more restrictive than an RFZ, so it is important that the public check with their local municipality to clarify what their restrictions are.

Cooking grills and appliances with a mechanical shutoff such as propane or natural gas cooking equipment and fire pits *ARE PERMITTED.* Residents and visitors to Fort Frances must always use *EXTREME CAUTION* when operating these types of cooking grills and appliances.


The Canada Day (July 1) FIREWORKS display is going forward. It will be operated by Canfire Pyrotechnic Ltd. They are professionals who have their Fireworks Operator Certificate, and Certificate of Insurance. As well, the fireworks are set off over the water, and the Canada Day Fireworks Organizers acquires approval from the Chief Fire Official annually.

However, I would like to remind everyone that the use of *FIREWORKS* in the Town of Fort Frances is *PROHIBITED.*

As well, *Prohibited Fireworks”* includes but is not limited to sky lanterns, celebration lanterns, wish lanterns, event lanterns, Chinese lanterns, sky candles, fire balloons or any other similar device.

These Flying Lanterns use an open flame to float through the air.

Once they are lit and launched into the air, they pose a serious fire risk. These lanterns have the potential to cause significant fire injuries and losses.

Many communities throughout Ontario have banned these extremely dangerous lanterns.

Meanwhile, stores within our community and surrounding area may be selling consumer fireworks. However, these consumer fireworks *Cannot Be Used/Discharged* in the Town of Fort Frances.

*Fire Safety … it starts with you!*