Firefighters called to minor blaze

The Fort Frances Fire Department was called to a blaze at an apartment building on the 200 block of Third Street West late Saturday afternoon.
Firefighters arrived at 5:15 p.m. to find a garbage can on fire in the hallway of the building, Fire Chief Steve Richardson reported this morning.
The small fire, which was caused by “carelessly discarded” cigarette butts, was extinguished without incident, Chief Richardson added.
Firefighters used fans to clear the smoke from the building, which sustained minor smoke damage. No injuries were reported.
Police were called to the scene to help redirect traffic.
In other news, Chief Richardson said a local homeowner was fined $200, plus a $35 court fee, last week for failing to maintain a working smoke alarm.
The charge stemmed from a house fire on the 300 block of Third St. West that occurred back on Dec. 28.
Chief Richardson said property owners should be aware they are responsible for having working smoke detectors in their buildings, and now is a good time for everyone to check to the batteries in their devices.