Fire situation under control

The overall fire situation in the West Fire Region remains serious but stable, the Ministry of Natural Resources reported this morning.
All open burning, including campfires, is banned until further notice in areas including Thunder Bay, Armstrong, Sioux Lookout, Pickle Lake, Nakina, Geraldton, Nipigon, Beardmore, and Marathon.
These restrictions apply to the MNR districts of Thunder Bay, Nipigon, and Sioux Lookout north to the 11th base line. It also includes the existing Restricted Fire Zone in place in Wawa District.
In related news, an Emergency Area Order has been declared and implemented for Thunder Bay Fire #65 in the area around Wabakimi Lake in Wabakimi Provincial Park.
This order restricts all water, air, and road traffic in the area unless authorized in the form of a travel permit from the Thunder Bay District office.
Meanwhile, progress is being made as the MNR continues its aggressive attack on Thunder Bay Fire #57, which is raging near several million dollars worth of harvestable timber.
No new fires were reported yesterday but four new blazes—all 0.1 hectare in size—were reported Saturday.
There currently are 45 active fires in the West Fire Region. Seven of these are in Fort Frances District, all of which are located in or near Quetico Provincial Park.
Four of these seven are MNR prescribed burns.
Since the fire season began April 1, there’s been a total of 399 fires in the West Fire Region, consuming 26,068.6 ha altogether.