Fire season wraps up on quiet note


The Ministry of Natural Recourses’ fire season officially ended yesterday (Oct. 31) although activity had tapered off in the past two weeks.
Only one new fire was reported since Oct. 18 in the West Fire Region.
Thunder Bay FireRangers put out a fire Oct. 29 in the Kakabeka Falls area.
This 0.1-hectare, human-caused blaze was the 64th fire of the season for the Thunder Bay Fire Management Headquarters.
The fire hazard remains “low” for the majority of the province.
In related news, the two prescribed burns that were ignited Oct. 15 have been successfully completed.
Post-burn analysis and data collection is ongoing.
Red Lake District ignited the Odin Lake prescribed burn about 48 km north-northwest of Red Lake in the Valhalla region.
The project area was about 1,400 ha in size.
Meanwhile, Fort Frances District ignited the Pekagoning Lake prescribed burn about 60 km northwest of Atikokan.
The project area was about 140 ha in size, and partially within the Turtle River—White Otter Lake Provincial Park.
For residents planning to do brush or grass burning for fall clean-up, the MNR is reminding them that no day-burning of these fires is allowed.
They are to be started no sooner than two hours before sunset and be out no later than two hours after sunrise.
Even though fire season is over, safety with fire always is important. Carelessness can lead to loss or damage of property and human life.
To report a forest fire, call 310-FIRE (3473).