Fire scene heating up


Four new fires were reported yesterday in the West Fire Region, with one each in the Kenora and Nipigon districts and two in Thunder Bay District.
Kenora Fire #20 is a lightning-caused blaze that is burning on an island in the Lake of the Woods Fire Response Plan area.
This fire, located at the southeast end of Lake of the Woods, is receiving an assessment and may be considered for monitoring rather than full suppression as fire is beneficial to the ecosystem there.
Meanwhile, one active fire of note is Thunder Bay Fire #30, located on Brennan Lake in Wabakimi Provincial Park, which posed an imminent threat to a tourism establishment and people when it started Sunday.
Aggressive ground and air attack on the blaze resulted in saved structures, with the exception of one wood shed that was lost.
This fire currently is classed as “being held” at 1.4 hectares in size.
There are eight other active fires in the region, including two here in Fort Frances District.
The region has seen a total of 130 fires since April 1, consuming 2,601.3 ha in all.
Although some rain is in the forecast for the west end of the region, little relief is expected for the next few days as the forest fire hazard rises, the Ministry of Natural Resources reported.
People are cautioned to use extreme care with any outdoor fires, such as campfires or shore lunch fires.
They also are reminded that grass and brush burning is not allowed during the day.
In related news, Ontario continues to assist Alberta. A second Incident Management Team (IMT) was being dispatched there today, which will bring the number of Ontario staff in Alberta to 374.
Planning also is underway for the dispatch of 100 FireRangers on Thursday.
Ontario also is providing an air attack officer in the Northwest Territories.