Fire hazard rising again


The forest fire hazard is rebounding across the Northwest Region as warm, sunny weather returns, the Ministry of Natural Resources reported.
The fire hazard is now “high” across most parts of the region and as a result, active forest fires are expected to flare up while new ones can be a challenge to contain.
Four new fires were reported in the region by yesterday afternoon, with the new blazes occurring in the Dryden, Kenora, and Nipigon districts.
The MNR noted that despite a recent reprieve in the weather, rainfall has been sporadic across the region and sunny, dry, and windy weather is expected to raise fire activity.
This has been an ongoing trend for more than two months.
The forested areas will dry out under these conditions, and the forest fire hazard is predicted to increase significantly as wind speeds increase in the next day or two.
Significant support continues to be provided to Ontario with firefighters from British Columbia and Minnesota, and overhead staff from Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan, and Minnesota, for a total complement of 143 people from out-of-province.
Quebec also is providing two CL-415 aircraft.
In total, Ontario is operating 11 CL-415 heavy waterbombers, two Twin Otter fixed-wing aircraft, and 65 helicopters.
In addition, there is equipment, including pumps, hose, hand tools, tents, sprinkler kits, and chainsaw kits, from Alberta, B.C., Manitoba, and Quebec.