Fire hazard high across entire region

The forest fire hazard throughout the West Fire Region has risen to “high” to “extreme” this week. All crews and aircraft are remaining on red alert in the anticipation of new fires.
Although some rain is in the forecast, lighting could cause an increase in fires over the next 24 hours, reported the Ministry of Natural Resources.
Ten to 20 fires caused by lighting are predicted for today. One to three more are forecast to be caused by humans.
Because of the high fire hazard, the public is being asked to use extreme caution with any flames outdoors in order to help eliminate human caused fires.
Meanwhile, six new fires were reported yesterday, one of them being in the Fort Frances district. There are currently 29 active fires in the region, nine of which are in the Fort Frances district.
The Fort Frances District is currently monitoring prescribed fires burning in Quetico Park.
In related news, air and ground attacks on a fire in the south end of Woodland Cariboo Park that is burning intensely have been suspended because they were not effective in stopping the fire. An alternate strategy of burning out natural boundaries like lakes and waterways in order to stop the fire is being considered.
The fire is currently classed as “not under control” at 100 hectares in size.
Another fire in the Woodland Cariboo Park is now being classed as “being held” after proving challenging to contain this week. Crews are maintaining established lines around the fire.
There is a 120 km fire burning north of Thunder Bay which crews are proving successful at fighting despite intense labour causes by an extremely steep terrain.
Fort Frances has had 57 fires burning 26.2 hectares since the MNR fires season began April 1.
In the whole region, a total of 365 fires have been reported to date, burning up 2,029.30 hectares.
To report a wildfire, call 1-888-284-FIRE (3473).