Fire hazard dampened

the MNR

The recent rain trend is forecast to continue through to at least mid-week, with predicted amounts of rainfall of 10-20 mm for the southern sectors of the Northwest Region by day’s end.
Thunderstorms also are forecast to occur close to the Minnesota border through to Lake Superior.
Ministry of Natural Resources officials are monitoring the south and central portions of the region for possible flooding.
No new fires were reported in the region yesterday, but

Kenora FireRangers and a helicopter with a water bucket provided support Saturday to prevent a cabin fire on an island on Lake of the Woods from spreading into the surrounding bush.
In the Northeast Region, meanwhile, the weather forecast is becoming more favourable for fire suppression work there.
Cloud cover is settling over much of the Northeast Region and the relative humidity is increasing. Rain also is forecast to continue until mid-week.
This helpful weather will allow more resources to be deployed around major fires. However, several weeks of concerted effort still will be needed to bring larger fires in the Northeast Region completely under control.
FireRangers, overhead staff, aircraft, and equipment from the Northwest Region have been transferred to the Northeast Region to support the firefighting effort there.
Follow the current fire situation across Ontario at
Forest fires can be reported by calling 310-FIRE (3473).