Fire hazard back down to ‘low’

the MNR

It was a very quiet day in the West Fire Region yesterday as heavy rain fell throughout most of the region within the last 24hrs.
The forest fire hazard remains “low” and will likely remain there for the week.
Last year, 67 days of support were provided for a total of 21,605 person days involving 1,014 individuals.
This was the largest and longest dispatch of forest fire support of people and equipment in Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources’ history.
British Columbia awarded Ontario with a provincial ‘Heroes and Rescue Award’ for its role in providing support to BC during the 2009 fire season.
In 2010, a total of 10,234 person days of support were provided to British Columbia involving approximately 750 individuals which is Ontario’s third largest dispatch on record. The second largest was Montana in 2003 with about 15,000 person days.
In addition to British Columbia, Ontario provided support this fire season to Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories.