Fire crews making headway

From the MNRF

FireRanger crews continue to chip away at the Northwest Region’s active fire load while wet weather over the past 48 hours is keeping new fire starts to a minimum.
High drought code values in the region, a measure of moisture levels deep in the soil, are expected to influence new lightning starts as the fire hazard rebounds and fuels on the surface become more receptive to burning.
Thunderstorms over the past five days have resulted in more than 32,000 lightning strikes province-wide.
Four new fires were confirmed in the Northwest Region by mid-afternoon yesterday.
Among the new fires confirmed by Sunday evening, three were located in Fort Frances District, with all listed as 0.1 hectares in size.
Fort Frances Fire #39 was located west of Warner Lake, about 40 km west of Atikokan, while Fort France Fire #40 was located south of Lowry Lake, about 55 km northeast of Fort Frances.
Fort Frances Fire #41 was located near the eastern shore of Bearpaw Lake, roughly 65 km northeast of Fort Frances.
There currently are 78 active fires in the region, with six of these currently listed as “not under control.”
One currently is listed as “being held” while seven are “under control” and the other 64 are “under observation.”
The fire hazard is “moderate” in the Fort Frances District and portions of the Dryden District.
The rest of the region is under a “low” hazard.
To report a forest fire, call 310-FIRE (3473).