Final vote on ‘bag tags’ set for tonight

After much feedback from the public last week, town council will take its final vote tonight on whether or not residents will have to start using “bag tags” for their garbage starting next Monday (May 31).
Council is expected to receive a report from the Operations and Facilities division recommending four amendments to the proposed waste management bylaw, although these changes haven’t been made available to the public or press prior to tonight’s meeting.
However, three possible amendments, previously mentioned several times by Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown, may include:
•allowing residents to put out receptacles (garbage bags) for pickup without them being in a Type ‘A’ or ‘B’ container;
•allowing multi-residential properties—up to a certain number of units—to have tenants put out their garbage individually as opposed to collectively (and thus be treated like a residential as opposed to commercial property for the purposes of pickup); and
 •whether businesses run out of residences should be considered residential or commercial for the purposes of garbage pickup.
Council and town management stressed at the two public information sessions last Tuesday that they were taking notes and listening to residents’ concerns, and the three above possible changes were brought up by people numerous times.
Three petitions from residents against “bag tags,” along with numerous informal suggestions, also were received at the May 18 public meetings.
As well, six pieces of written correspondence regarding the proposed waste management bylaw (from Coun. Struchan Gilson, Phyllis Flamand, Ron and Julie Halvorsen, Ken Perry, Buttner Enterprises, and the Ministry of Natural Resources) are on the agenda to be received by council at tonight’s meeting.
The concerns put forth in these six letters range from “bag tags” to operating times at the landfill to “bear resistant” garbage containers.
Besides “bag tags,” the proposed waste management bylaw covers the hours of operation at the landfill, prohibited waste materials, recycling policy, the garbage collection schedule, landfill tipping fees, and the sale price for “Blue Box” and backyard composters.
If the bylaw is approved tonight, residents will have to start affixing “bag tags” to their garbage starting next Monday if they want it to be picked up.
“Bag tags” will be available for $1 each at Canada Safeway, Pharmasave, Howarth’s Home Centre, East End Confectionery, Memorial Sports Centre, Civic Centre, Witherspoon’s One Stop, the public library, and the Sorting Gap Marina (during the summer months only).
Tonight’s council meeting is scheduled to start at 6:40 p.m., with a public meeting regarding the setting of fees for use of municipal waste management services set for 7 p.m.
The committee of the whole will meet first at 5:30 p.m.
Other business at tonight’s council meeting will include:
•a request from Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc. regarding the purchase of the boulevard at 429 and 431 Sinclair St. (Lot 63);
•a memorandum from municipal planner Faye Flatt regarding a zoning amendment at 801-815 Central Ave. (as reported in the May 12 edition of the Times, this property may be rezoned from Residential Four to Local Commercial);
•a bylaw for Zoning Bylaw Amendment 8/98-Q-515-525 Colonization Road East (this amendment is to rezone the property from Residential Type Two to Residential Type Three, with a “four-plex dwelling” as a site specific use);
•a bylaw for Zoning Bylaw Amendment 8/98-R-815 Williams Ave. (this amendment is to rezone the property from Local Commercial to Residential Type Two to permit the creation of two residential building lots);
•a bylaw to de-register Lots 94 and 95 (1019 First St. E.);
•a bylaw to de-register Lots 34 and 35 (914 McKenzie Ave.); and
•a bylaw to de-register Lot 6 and part of Lot 7 (416 Second St. E.)