‘Fibre’ launch slated


While some local residents already have gone live with “Fibre” services as of yesterday, Tbaytel will hold the official launch for its new fibre optic technology infrastructure here Monday.
Media and invited guests will be attending a launch with Tbaytel president and CEO Dan Topatigh at noon at the Civic Centre.
Tbaytel first announced “Fibre” last December during an official announcement at the Civic Centre.
The company touted that residents and business owners alike soon would be able to experience the benefit of having reliable, high-speed Internet, digital TV, landline telephone, and security services all from a single provider.
Monday’s launch will be followed by a media tour of Tbaytel’s new regional network centre on Sixth Street West.
This building, which is a technical infrastructure headquarters where the actual fibre services will terminate, was built over the summer by Ed Kaun & Sons Ltd.
In addition to providing office space for Tbaytel staff working here, it houses network components that support the delivery of all five of its products and services.
It also provides storage for equipment used by Tbaytel technicians to maintain network components in the region.
The retail site for Tbaytel is located at Sight & Sound on Scott Street, which underwent major renovations this past spring and summer.