FFCBC winners

Here are the other winners from the 2002 Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship.
Big Fish ($1,000)
•Day One–Mike Luhman and Mark Raveling (Team #6): 5.46
•Day Two–Tony Richards and Ken Olson (Team #32): 4.8
•Day Three–Kelvin Caul and Murray Withersoon (Team #71): 4.58
Big Catch ($1,000)
•Day One–Mike Luhman and Mark Raveling: 22.28
•Day Two–Kelvin Caul and Murray Witherspoon: 18.02
•Day Three–Norm Lindsay and Jess Swenson (Team #39): 20.74
Hidden Weight ($250 each)
•Day One Hidden Weight–(tie) Bob Duncan and Kevin Kameda (Team #61) and Randy Stecky and Bill Daniels (Team #139) earned $125 each
•Day Two Hidden Weight ($250)–Norm French and Tom Grimes (Team #99)
•Day Three Hidden Weight ($250)–Francis Kavanaugh and Don Jones (Team #76)
Other awards ($1,000 each)
•Top Rookie Team–Roger and Dorese Harrison (Team #91)
•Most Improved Team–Kelvin Caul and Murray Witherspoon
•Top Rendezvous Trail Team–Doug and Zack McBride (Team #2)
•Top Lund/Mercury team–Fletcher and Jimmy Klick (Team #37)
•Top MinnKota Team–Mike Luhman and Mark Raveling
•Top finishing team registered for Kid/Pro–Norm Lindsay and Jess Swenson
•Lowest Weight for five fish–Al Meline and Tom Burri (Team #36)
Paddleoboat winners
•Flight #1–1. Gabe McMahon who caught a northern pike that measured 58.5 cm. 2. Jarid Sandelovich who caught a smallmouth bass measuring 29.8 cm.
•Flight #2–1.Miranda Shingebis with a 29.4 cm Walleye 2. T. J. Barnard with a 27.3 cm Walleye 3. Brandon Marr who caught a smallmouth bass measuring 26.5 cm.
•Flight #1–1. Matt Depiero who caught two fish, 32.3 cm and 30 cm walleyes 2. Simone Desjardins who caught a 32 cm walleye 3. Steven Bird who caught a 28.5 cm walleye.
•Flight #2–1. Joelle White who caught a 29.3 cm smallmouth bass and a 27 cm walleye 2. Jol Smith who reeled in a 31 cm walleye