Festival 2022 results

VOCAL MUSIC DIVISION – Adjudicator: Elizabeth Rotoff


First: Joelle Bruyere, Alexis Latter, Adrianna McCoy (Honours), Madison Anderson (Honours), Colby Ashworth Cassandra Armstrong (First Class Honours), Lilly Wyder (First Class Honours)

SECOND: Alasha Perrault AND Adriana Lesk (Tie) SECOND: Madison Anderson, Lilly Wyder (Honours), Harper Woolsey, Joanna Empey


FIRST: Terra Carlson and Ky Boshey, Callahan Armstrong and Cassandra Armstrong (Honours)


FIRST: Callahan Armstrong and Cassandra Armstrong (Honours)

PIANO DIVISION – Adjudicator – Tiffany A. Wilson, B Mus, A.M.M.

FIRST: Reese Jolicoeur, Liam Dent (Honours), Alexis Latter (Honours), Sophia Marx (Honours), Madeline Bottomley (Honours), Jonah Homer (Honours), Klara Wilson (First Class Honours), Tirzah Carradice (Honours), Avery Veldhuisen (First Class Honours), Julia Dykstra (First Class Honours); Kingston Smith (First Class Honours), Bode Coyle (First Class Honours), Jennifer Fuhrer (First Class Honours), Ethan Brown (First Class Honours), Gemma Klassen (First Class Honours)

SECOND: Timea Enge (Honours), Ross Olsen (Honours) AND Casey Egan (Honours) (Tie) Grayson Wright (Honours) AND Sophia Maynard (Honours) (Tie) Miriam Wilson (Honours) AND Klara Wilson (Honours) (Tie), Julia Dykstra (Honours), Tirzah Carradice (Honours), Kingston Smith (Honours), Gemma Klassen (Honours) AND Paxton Hughes (Honours), Ethan Brown (Honours)


FIRST – Eden Waldner (violin) (First Class Honours), Ethan Brown (violin) (First Class Honours), Abby Waldner (violin) (Honours), Jennifer Fuhrer (violin) (Honours), Peyton Sisco (violin) (First Class Honours), Anna Johnson (violin) (Honours), Ziporah Marx (violin) (Honours), Avery Veldhuisen (violin) (Honours)

SECOND – Sophia Potson Rittau (violin) (Honours), Peyton Sisco (violin) (Honours)


FIRST: Abby Waldner and Eden Waldner (violin) (First Class Honours)