Feds OK gold mine

Press Release

Federal Environment minister Leona Aglukkaq yesterday announced New Gold’s proposed Rainy River Project, located in Chapple Township, is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.
The minister has identified in her environmental assessment decision statement the conditions the proponent must meet with respect to mitigation measures and follow-up program requirements.
In reaching her decision, Aglukkaq considered the Environmental Assessment Report that includes the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency’s conclusions and recommendations regarding the potential environmental effects of the project, the proposed mitigation measures, the significance of any remaining adverse environmental effects, and the follow-up program.
As part of the strengthened and modernized Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012, put in place to support the government’s Responsible Resource Development Initiative, the agency conducted a federal environmental assessment of this project using a science-based approach.
As it proceeds to the next phase, this project will continue to be subject to Canada’s strong environmental laws, rigorous enforcement and follow-up, and fines for non-compliance.
New Gold Inc. is proposing to construct, operate, decommission, and abandon an open-pit and underground gold mine and on-site metal mill, located north of Barwick.
Mining will occur for 15-20 years, with an ore production capacity of 27,000 tonnes per day.
The on-site metal mill will have an ore input capacity of 21,000 tonnes per day.
The project also involves the realignment of a portion of Highway 600 and the construction of a 230-kilovolt transmission line.
A copy of the Minister of the Environment’s environmental assessment decision statement, and more information on this project, are available on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry website (reference number 80007).
The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency administers the federal environmental assessment process, which identifies the environmental effects of proposed projects and measures to address those effects, in support of sustainable development.