FedNor funds flow

Press Release

Rainy River Future Development Corp., based here, will use $900,000 in FedNor funding to offer business services, access to capital for small- and medium-sized enterprises, and community development projects for the next three years, the federal government announced yesterday.
An additional $225,000 will support smaller scale, regional economic development initiatives for the same three-year period.
The RRFDC also will receive funding of up to $27,500 to deliver FedNor’s Youth Internship Program (YIP),
The local investment also includes a previously-announced amount of $170,000 to help the Town of Fort Frances purchase web and video-conferencing equipment, computers, and software for the Fort Frances Public Library and Technology Centre to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise to people and businesses in Rainy River District.
As well, the Town of Rainy River will use $65,000 in FedNor funding to hire consultants to assist with investment readiness activities.
Their responsibilities will include developing a marketing plan and related materials to promote the town as a retirement community. The consultants also will identify and introduce potential investors to the town.