Family council looking for new members


The Rainycrest Family Council is on the lookout for new members.
“We invite anyone to join us—come out and be a part of us,” urged Bev Mylenchuk, the council’s secretary and communications officer.
She, along with other council members, were busy this past Friday afternoon at the entryway of Rainycrest, sharing information about the council with all who came through the doors.
“The family council has been in existence at Rainycrest for many, many years,” noted council chair Barb Duguay.
“It’s just been in the last three years that the group has become very active, and taken a proactive approach and working positively with administration,” she noted.
“We have made a lot of changes working with the administration,” Duguay added. “And we welcome more people out.”
Under the Long-term Care Act, all long-term care homes may have a family council, explained Duguay.
These councils have the power to provide assistance, information, and advice to residents, family members of residents, and persons of importance to residents, including when new residents are admitted to the home.
“Our goal next year is to lobby the government for more long-term care funding because its the second-least funded program in Ontario,” Duguay noted.
“It’s very sad.”
Duguay also said the family council does have an input when it comes to annual inspections through the ministry’s long-term care quality inspection program.
Rainycrest underwent inspection this past February and family council members were interviewed as a part of the process.
“The government, in the last little while, is taken a very pro-active role on listening to the people, listening to the people and getting input from the people,” Duguay noted.
The Rainycrest Family Council’s mission statement “says it all,” she added, with a goal to be a “liaison between the residents’ families or friends and staff to facilitate communication, and to work with the staff in promotion and encouragement of programs and decisions for the ultimate benefit of the residents.”
Its members either are family members or friends of a Rainycrest resident.
The council meets every third Tuesday of the month, with the next meeting slated for June 21 at the Super 8 Motel starting at 5 p.m.
Duguay said this meeting will feature a potluck dinner, with all welcome to attend.