‘Fame’ wraps up successful run

Muskie Theatre’s four-night run of “Fame” came to a close Saturday in front of yet another sold-out Townshend Theatre.
After the last show, the cast and crew took down the set and then had one final get-together in the cafeteria at Fort High as members of “Fame.”
The moment was bittersweet for many, who enjoyed doing the show but are glad it’s over.
“I’m very tired,” said Kim Badiuk, one of the actors who played “Doris” in the show. “But the whole experience was worth it.”
“This is just one of those things that I’ll never forget,” echoed director Willa Kunkel. “It was amazing, and it will be hard to top this.”
For some students, “Fame” was their last chance to perform in a fall play at Fort High.
“This is my last one,” lamented Ali Agar. “But I want everyone to know that it couldn’t have been better.”
The show went through its run with very few problems, except for some opening night jitters Wednesday and a very scary moment after Friday night’s show.
Earlier that day, RJ Comeau (who played “Ralph”) had been stamping out a grass fire near the high school. A lot of smoke got into his lungs, and he was bothered by asthma all day, but he took to the stage regardless.
After taking his bow, Comeau walked offstage and passed out in the wings. For a few tense seconds, he wasn’t breathing. But thanks to some cool heads and quick thinking from cast members who were nearby, he got the medical attention he needed.
He started breathing on his own again after about 30 seconds and was taken to La Verendrye hospital by his parents, where he was put on an oxygen mask and sent home later that evening.
But all in all, the show itself went off virtually without a hitch.
“Of all the shows that I’ve done, this one had the least conflicts between cast members,” said Kunkel. “And that’s pretty amazing considering the amount of people involved.
“When you get a lot of people working together, there’s bound to be conflicts,” she noted. “But we worked through the ones that we had, and we ended up putting on a great show!”