Falls airport increases security

A terror plot uncovered in Britain is being felt across North America today, including at Falls International Airport where security measures have been stepped up in response to the threat.
“It takes a little bit longer to get through security,” said Jeff Herberg, general manager of the airport in International Falls.
“We’re not allowing any liquids in carry-ons,” he added.
That includes water, pop, shampoo, eye contact solution, toothpaste, hair gel, and any other liquids or lotions because U.S. officials believe the terror plot included the use of liquid explosives concealed in carry-on luggage.
These items are permitted in checked baggage.
Herberg said passengers are permitted to bring prescription medicine, so long as the name on the bottle is the name of the passenger, and passengers travelling with children are being permitted to carry baby food and breast milk.
The increased screening has had little impact on schedules at the Falls airport.
“The flight was out on time this morning,” Herberg noted. He said he expected the two other flights departing today would leave on time as well.
The security warning level for all domestic flights has been raised to orange (high), while international flights have been raised to red (severe), Herberg added.
He suggested passengers arrive at the airport earlier than usual to allow for the extra screening time.
Police in Britain this morning said they had arrested 21 people in connection with the terror plot. Authorities believe the plan was to simultaneously blow up several aircraft destined for the United States.