Fake $100 bill found here

Fort Frances OPP is advising the public to be aware of counterfeit money circulating here after a fake $100 bill was returned to a local bank yesterday.
Anyone suspecting any Canadian note to be counterfeit should retain the bank note, record the details of the money, and contact the OPP (274-3322) or RCMP.
Details on the bill that may be different in the case of a counterfeit include the colour change patch in the top left hand corner; green dots that will glow under ultraviolet light; raised ink on the numeral, portrait, coat-of-arms, and vignette of the Parliament Buildings; and fine line work and concentric circles on the portraits.
Another feature includes the “micro print” in the background on the front of the note, which consists of the note’s denomination and the words, “Bank of Canada.”
And the serial number always will consist of a three-letter prefix followed by a unique seven-digit number.