Expansion underway at The Place

After almost five years in the planning, The Place Food Town is undergoing extensive expansion and renovations expected to be finished by March.
“Basically, it will look like a brand-new store,” owner Craig Sanders said Thursday afternoon as he toured the work site in the west end of town.
Sanders noted the expansion will include an additional 3,200 sq. ft.—nearly doubling the current size of the building.
The store will see the addition of bakery and deli areas while the meat and produce departments will be doubled in size. As well, the meat department will be relocated to the northwest corner of the shopping area.
Sanders added the frozen food section will be more than doubled to meet the increasing popularity of easy-to-prepare meals for individuals and families on the go.
A new area for storing frozen goods and receiving stock also is being built onto the back to the store.
The outside of the store, with the exception of the west wall, will be overhauled with new stucco and paint.
And with the exception of handicap spots near the store’s entrance, all parking will be moved to a paved lot on the east side of the building.
Sanders said he’s been working on the details of the expansion for some time, and was almost ready to start work last year.
But he found the plans at that time—for an expansion that essentially would triple the size of the store—to be more costly than expected, and had to go back to the drawing board to scale them back a little.
Sanders noted the expansion and renovations are meant to make it easier for staff to work in the store and easier for customers to shop there while also expanding the variety and number of products available.
“Everybody seems to be pretty happy about it,” said Sanders, referring to early feedback from staff and customers.
“And no one’s complained about the mess yet,” he added, noting all the digging at the east side of the property should be done this weekend.
“Bear with us while we make it messy to make it nice.”
The main contractor on the job is Ed Kaun & Sons Ltd., with M.L. Caron Electric taking care of the electrical work. A company from Winnipeg will be installing the new refrigeration units.