Executive committees

While the public will have to wait and see if the new line-ups are approved at council this coming Monday night (Dec. 20), here are the mayor’s proposed appointments to the town’s four executive committees:
•Administration and Finance—Couns. Rick Wiedenhoeft, Neil Kabel, and Todd Hamilton;
•Planning and Development—Couns. Struchan Gilson, Roy Avis, and Wiedenhoeft;
•Operations and Facilities—Couns. Avis, Kabel and Tannis Drysdale; and
•Community Services—Couns. Gilson, Drysdale, and Hamilton.
The current committees are as follows:
 •Administration and Finance—Couns. Avis, Drysdale, and Hamilton;
•Planning and Development—Couns. Hamilton, Kabel, and Wiedenhoeft;
•Operations and Facilities—Couns. Avis, Gilson, and Kabel; and
•Community Services—Couns. Drysdale, Gilson, and Wiedenhoeft.
Coun. Kabel would remain acting mayor in Mayor Onichuk’s absence.