Ex-resident speaks at shoe conference

Canadian-certified pedorthist Jim Pattison, C. Ped(C), of Prince Albert, Sask., attended the Calzatecnia conference sponsored by CIATEC in Leon, Mexico earlier this month.
CIATEC is an organization formed by the co-operation of the shoe industry and the federal Mexican government.
To open the conference, Pattison addressed a world-wide group of people in shoe manufacturing and sales.
Attendees from Mexico, Colombia, Italy, India, Canada, and other countries met to discuss common concerns about economics and the availability of quality shoes.
Certified pedorthists who have extensive studies of foot disorders and problems know how to improve comfort and mobility with specialized corrections in orthodic soles—and more comfort from quality shoe styles.
The conference is an educational venture where companies learn about quality requirements and pedorthists know what products they can provide economically.
Pattison was selected as a speaker from Canada. The conference theme was “Comfortable footwear are they competitive? Do they represent the possibility of market expansion?” These topics were addressed to 1,100 or more in attendance.
“Comfortable shoes can be broken into two classifications, therapeutic and orthopaedic, according to the Pedorthic Association of Canada,” Pattison noted.
“These are the most frequently-used footwear for pedorthic clients, often modified to improve footwear for a specific foot problem,” he added.
Pattison said a variety of natural foot formations, included those with diabetic and arthritis problems, all have point source irritations which must be avoided caused by the normal-fitted shoe.
In-shoe pressure measurements are derived from a mat inside the shoe which registers to ten-thousand pressure points by a special wiring system to send information by radio to the analysis centre.
Other topics at the conference included specific aspects in manufacturing shoes. Safety of workers in the shoe industry also was addressed, especially carpel tunnel hazards and how workers can avoid injury.
CIATEC encourages technical research interest with annual conferences since 1976 held in the centre of leather and shoe industry, Leon, in Mexico. It is becoming the sound co-operative way to meet competitive world-wide marketing in the shoe industry.
Pattison is from Fort Frances, the son of Norma and Art Pattison, who continued his studies at the College of Pedorthists of Canada and received his Canadian certification in May, 2004.
His office is established in Prince Albert.