EWC gets off to smooth, but cold start

The sixth-annual Emo Walleye Classic got off to a good start Friday morning, with all 65 boats in the water and no major problems in the first few hours of fishing.
Lincoln Dunn, stage and marketing director for the tournament, as well as the announcer on hand first thing Friday, said no problems had come up—save for the weather.
“It’s a little brisk today,” he chuckled.
The only real concern was the extremely low water level, with many rocks visible in the Rainy River—topped by perched seagulls.
“It’s been interesting to see this morning; the size of the boats is down this year,” Dunn noted Friday, alluding to concerns anglers had with running aground.
“Other than that, no . . . no concerns from any of the anglers.”
One of the few boats to have a problem on Friday was Team #55, comprised of a young pair of anglers, Sam Hayes and Josh Pollard.
The battery in their boat went dead in the morning, and kept them at the dock after their number was called.
The pair made it out after installing a new battery, but were the last anglers of the day to launch.
“It shouldn’t be too, too bad,” Hayes hoped, saying that there’d still be fish when they cast off.
“It shouldn’t affect us too much.”
It was the duo’s first year in the EWC and despite the rocky start, they were enthused—having planned for this weekend since last August.
They also remained optimistic about what Mother Nature may have in store over the two-day tournament.
“I wish it was a little more warmer, but at least we got sunshine, anyhow,” Hayes reasoned.
The Day One weigh-in runs Friday from 4-6:30 p.m. at the Emo/La Vallee Arena.
The first flight takes off Saturday starting at 8 a.m., with the Day Two weigh-in getting underway at 4 p.m.
Teams are chasing the $11,000 first-place prize.