Essay winner calls for dirt bike track

Duane Hicks

If he could be mayor, he would build a dirt bike track in Fort Frances.
That’s what Daymond Morrisseau, the winner of an essay contest held in conjunction with Local Government Week (Oct. 17-23), told council he would do when he read his essay to them Monday night.
Morrisseau said he would build a dirt bike track because there is no place for riders to go.
“I have a lot of friends that would benefit from a dirt bike track as they also have dirt bikes,” said the Grade 5 student at Robert Moore School.
“I would build this track behind the Lakeview Trailer Park because there is a lot of open space,” he added.
Morrisseau also noted businesses that sell dirt bikes would benefit because having such a track would improve sales.
He added if there was a dirt bike track, it would keep him and his friends out of trouble because it would be something for them to do in their spare time.
“I own a dirt bike and it teaches you to be responsible because you have to take care of it, and you can’t drive it too fast because you can get hurt,” Morrisseau noted.
“They also build up your strength because they are pretty hard to turn on corners, and sometimes they get stuck in the mud and you have to pull it out of the mud.
“If I was mayor, I would listen to the young people because they know what to see and do in the Town of Fort Frances,” Morrisseau concluded.
Mayor Roy Avis congratulated Morrisseau and presented him with a gift certificate.
“It is really nice to see young fellows such as yourself participate in our Local Government Week,” the mayor remarked.
In past years, there have been several essay contest winners—one from each participating school.
But because only one school participated in this year’s Local Government Week essay contest, Morrisseau was the sole winner.