ERT training being held here

Press Release

The Northwest Region Emergency Response Team (ERT) will be gathering in Fort Frances to conduct training exercises on Sunday through Tuesday (Sept. 11-13).
The OPP has regionally deployed ERT members that, in addition to their regular detachment duties, have specialized training to provide public order, search-and-rescue, evidence search, VIP security, containment, and canine tracking services.
ERT members also respond to any other situation the regional commander deems necessary.
The most common ERT occurrences are canine tracking and search-and-rescue operations.
The team provides a rapid, professional response to local emergencies, whether searching for a lost child or responding to a natural disaster or high-risk incident.
Each year, ERT members must complete extensive specialized training.
This year, OPP ERT training will encompass a rural and residential component. Residents within Fort Frances, living west of McIrvine Road and Colonization Road West, can expect to see ERT members practising their skills.
These police officers will be in a green tactical uniform, and will be utilizing specialized police equipment while conducting their training.
The local training will include tactical operations, canine tracking, and search-and-rescue exercises.
This training will have minimal impact on the community and we appreciate your patience while it takes place.
Any questions concerning the training may be forwarded to the Fort Frances OPP detachment.